All Little Green Roof Company quotes include 2 post install maintenance visits

The Little Green Roof Company is a DATAC approved installer.

All projects we undertake comply with FLL guidelines regardless of size.

We are based in Greater London and supply and install a very high quality Sedum on domestic or commercial properties anywhere in the UK. We can help with aspects from design waterproofing and maintenance with our experienced qualified team.

At Little Green Roof we are a family business and we love installing sedum roofs. There are a gazillion reasons to have a garden in the sky and why they have become so popular with town and city dwellers

By installing a green roof you extend the life of your existing roof, have all year round colour as the sedum changes with the seasons. Attract butterflies and bees. A green roof helps The Heat Island Effect as it cools the air around it and is also a carbon catcher. It also helps with flooding minimising storm run off water.

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A green roof acts as an insulator, sound barrier, carbon catcher, helps with flooding, aids wildlife. Its just amazing

The Little Green Roof Company Ltd.

Green roof design supply and installation.