All Little Green Roof quotes include 2 post install maintenance visits.

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Anything else I should know ?

Local Authorities are increasingly looking favourably at building applications that incorporate green roofs. Fact

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Can I have a maintenance service  for my roof ?

 We will visit you anyway as part of our service 3 months after installation too make sure everything is as it should be. But if you require us to pop by wether it's a domestic or commercial garden we can set something up that suits you.

How much does a sedum green roof cost and how long does it take to install ?

It's impossible to say as there are a number of factors involved. Size , accessibility , type of garden required. Call for a free quote. We will price match any written quote. The installation process differs greatly as some projects fly in other take longer again depending on a number of factors. Our experienced team can install on domestic or commercial roofs.

Is my roof right for a Sedum installation

You need to make sure your roof is load baring. Per square metre sedum generally weighs around 60/70 kg when saturated. If you are not sure consult a structural engineer. You also need to make sure your roof is waterproof. 

Most roofs can be greened. Roofs from flat 

( normally 3 degrees ) up to a 10 degree pitch can be greened with standard  green roof products and practice. A normal flat roof has a fall of 1:60.

How do I maintain the green roof ?

A little watering may be needed  if there is a prolonged dry period while the sedum is getting established. The plant is better dry than too wet so let it dry out before watering. Once established it can take care of itself being a very hardy plant.  Moss does not harm the sedum but you may want too get rid of it if too prominent also once a year you might want to check if any weeds have taken up residence. No need to dead head as it will all be broken down naturallyand absorbed into the garden.

wHAT IS A SEDUM GREEN ROOF and why what are the benefits ?

Sedum is a succulent. A plant that requires very little maintenance and changes colour throughout the year. Installed on matting usually fully grown. The benefits are that it will dramatically increase the life of your existing roof. It's acts as a insulator, a sound barrier, promotes wildlife as it attracts butterflies, bees, and birds. It is also a carbon catcher helping storm water run off water as a sedum green roof retains around 60% of the rain water which takes strain off the drainage system and flood water. And very pleasing to look at.

Urban areas have a higher temperature than those surrounding  due to lack of green and large hard surfaces providing thermal mass. Dark roofs add to this by absorbing the heat and reflecting it back into the atmosphere at night: this is called ( UHIE ) Urban Heat Island Effect. It contributes to poor air quality, exacerbates health issues and increases the use of air conditioning. In cities around the world a percentage of domestic  and commercial roofs now have to be green.

Sedum green roofs are great: they help cool the air; they reduce storm water run-off; they preserve the life of your existing roof; they act as an insulator; they act as a sound barrier; they attract bees and butterflies; they provide a wonderful habitat for a micro universe of insects; and they are a great carbon catcher. All this and then there's all pleasure you'll get from just looking at it. 

Green up your act.

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