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A biodiverse roof

This type of garden focuses on specific types of plants and wildlife that are attracted to the garden. A city wilderness. Generally on the large side with rough unkept areas for insects to kick back and relax.

Intensive green roofs are normally installed on commercial properties as they are markedly heavier and larger and can handle high foot traffic. These roofs need an irrigation system and a fair amount of maintenance. The benefit is that you have a much wider choice of plant life. Intensive gardens normally have seating  paving and features.

Extensive green roofs are popular as they can be fitted at a very reasonable cost with little maintenance. With six or seven different types of sedum you will have a blush of colour, not just in the summer, but all year round (per square metre 45/50kg and around 60/65kg when saturated). In periods of very hot weather, with no rain, your sedum garden may require watering. It normally takes about eighteen months for the garden to get established. 

A​ll year round green.