The cost of a green roof depends on size, access and location of proposed roof. Sedum matting is less expensive than the modules​ - the benefit of modules are that if for any reason you may need access to the roof the modules can be removed and replaced with no negative effect the sedum- the modules can be placed and then clicked together. some green roofs will need a frame to keep everything in place, normally slotted aluminium- perimeter  stones to aid drainage and for dressing are also elements that need to be considered- The costs have to be balanced against the fact that having a green roof will double the life of your existing roof- if you would like a free quote we can visit you where we can show you samples of sedum you should expect. alternatively email the dimensions of your roof with a couple of photos suppling information on access to the roof - if you include your post code we can do a twelve month sun path check and send that to you. 


The Little Green Roof Company Ltd. Green Roof Design Supply And installation.

The Little Green Roof Company Ltd.

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Don't worry if you're not green fingered by nature. Extensive sedum green roofs require little maintenance: at most some dead-heading once a year; or perhaps if the odd weed or moss appears you may want to get rid of it. In exceptionally dry periods it may require watering. If all that fills you with dread then call us. For commercial clients we can set up a maintenance contract or just a one-off visit. Likewise for domestic roofs we can pop over and spruce everything up.